Thank you for being part of the Forte family and helping sell tickets to our event!

We’re back for our third halloween party and we couldn’t be more excited to be back in one our favorite venues, the basement. In our marketing and public voice we would like to keep the venue location under wraps, although I’m sure most people could guess by the name. The idea is to keep the excitement alive for our new attendees!

This venue does have a more limited capacity so keep that in mind as your sharing the event!


Pre-sale, tier 1, and tier 2 tickets have now been sold out and we are on to Tier 3.

Updates on Tiers (50% and SOLD OUT) will be posted on the forte’s Instagram story. I’ll do my best to message you and give you updates as well and let you know when the price will be increasing.

Tier 1 - $25

Tier 2 - $30

Tier 3 - $40

Tier 4 - $50

Ticket Selling Process

You will be selling “cash sales tickets”. You can accept either cash or e-transfer for tickets.

To submit a ticket, send an e-transfer of the ticket(s) value to the email fortesoundtickets@gmail.com. I will need the corresponding name(s) and email(s). The best way to do this is to include that information with the e-transfer as a comment/description.

By purchasing a ticket via you rather than online, the attendee will be saving the cost of eventbrite’s fees! (it’s good to remind people of this)

Advertising Material

I will be continuing to create new marketing material for this event and when it’s ready I will update this page here (so save the web address or ask me to resend when you need). Below is what we have so far and if you have any ideas for new content just shoot me a message, I’m always down for some input and ideas. You can either save the photos directly from the site here or via the dropbox button. All video material will be in the dropbox folder. If it’s easier, message me (Curtis) on whatever platform works for you and I can send anything directly.

tier 1 sold out - square image.png
Tier 1 Sold Out - Story image.png
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